Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Friday!

It's Friday, which apparently a lot of people in "office world" look forward to. Unfortunately for me, I have many jobs, most of which are the busiest on weekends. So I work Friday night, Sat. afternoon, Sat. night, Sunday afternoon, Sun. night. I don't have any days off on the weekend, this week, so Friday is just, well, Friday. Someday I'll appreciate Friday, and I'll have weekends off. That would be awesome!!
There is one highlight, I don't have to get up at 6 am for 2 days!
That's all for now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My First of Many Posts

Hey it's me. So I just randomly decided to start a blog. Many people ask to hear about my travels, see photos, or just read some of my writing, so I thought hey, I'll start a blog. I don't always have super interesting stuff to say but sometimes I do!
Let's see. I traveled to Washington DC a couple weeks ago and had an awesome time with my friend Carrie (my long-time travel buddy). We stayed with my great-aunts out there. We saw all the major sights, memorials, monuments, museums, etc. Also, we went to a free outdoor concert on the Capitol Lawn, with a performance by the National Symphony, which was really cool. Tons of locals were there with lawn chairs and blankets and snacks. Fun times. I think what I liked best was just walking around outside, down the Mall, just enjoying the nice weather and relaxing and not working.
Speaking of work, I work a lot. I'm not a work addict, no way. I LOVE to sit and read and write in a comfy chair in a coffee shop. It's just I'm trying to make some money now while I have time to, and I'm trying hard to find jobs that use my talents and gifts as well. So I work lots, lately 60 hour weeks. I love to be active in my job and to be around people. Most of my jobs involve these things so it's all good. I usually don't get tired til I get home, then I crash.
That's all for me for now :)
Hope somebody reads this!!