Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My First of Many Posts

Hey it's me. So I just randomly decided to start a blog. Many people ask to hear about my travels, see photos, or just read some of my writing, so I thought hey, I'll start a blog. I don't always have super interesting stuff to say but sometimes I do!
Let's see. I traveled to Washington DC a couple weeks ago and had an awesome time with my friend Carrie (my long-time travel buddy). We stayed with my great-aunts out there. We saw all the major sights, memorials, monuments, museums, etc. Also, we went to a free outdoor concert on the Capitol Lawn, with a performance by the National Symphony, which was really cool. Tons of locals were there with lawn chairs and blankets and snacks. Fun times. I think what I liked best was just walking around outside, down the Mall, just enjoying the nice weather and relaxing and not working.
Speaking of work, I work a lot. I'm not a work addict, no way. I LOVE to sit and read and write in a comfy chair in a coffee shop. It's just I'm trying to make some money now while I have time to, and I'm trying hard to find jobs that use my talents and gifts as well. So I work lots, lately 60 hour weeks. I love to be active in my job and to be around people. Most of my jobs involve these things so it's all good. I usually don't get tired til I get home, then I crash.
That's all for me for now :)
Hope somebody reads this!!

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The Ray Family said...

I read it!! It sounds like DC was an awesome trip. I went there a long time ago and loved it. It is apretty amazing place.

I love blogging. It is fun and addictive. It took ours a while to get momentum and readers. Yours will catch on.

I'll be back in Roch the 5th through the 7th of Oct. Of course I will need coffee. So I will swing by the bou to say hello. Actually, I will call you before I come.