Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It's definitely fall now. I noticed the first leaves changes on September 3. Now, suddenly all the leaves are falling from my trees, orange, red, and yellow leaves. Where did the last month go? Fall to me always represents a change, as the weather cools and leaves change, so does my life and schedule often change. It used to be a new beginning, with school beginning every fall, the excitement of new classes and classmates, etc. Now, I still think about how each fall will be a new beginning. This year, I've begun a new job at Mayo in public affairs. It may just be a temp job, but I think it will continue on. I'm being optimistic. I've also been writing more, and am trying to work on getting published more. I don't know about you or where you are in life, but think about the changes of seasons, and how they can be the opportunity for a new and exciting change for you. So, enjoy your fall! Even if you're somewhere where the change of seasons is not so obvious as it is here!

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The Ray Family said...

YAY!! A new post! When I was in MN this past weekend I noticed it too. It is so beautiful.