Monday, November 26, 2007

My Daily To-Do Lists

I am a nearly professional list-maker. Or maybe just crazy. Either way. I make a list at night for the following day each day, and sometimes another list while at work doing other things to remind myself of things to do later.

In some ways, I guess it means I'm organized. I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish, and then I set about trying to do them all. That makes sense. The only problem with this is that I work a LOT!! And most of the things on my list are personal or house projects. So, I think I'll get my entire list done in one day. But, really, I don't finish it all until 2-3 days later. And so I cross a few things off, add a few things, and on it goes.

I think the main reason I make lists is because I have so many tasks/errands, etc., that I want to accomplish daily/weekly, whatever, and then I just have way too many things going on in my head. So, if I at least write them all down, I have a better chance of getting my brain to relax, and I'll remember what the things are better when I write them down. So it's ok if the list's not all checked off, it just helps clear my head to get it all out on paper.

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's November- Give Thanks!

It's November, which, to me, is always the grayest, darkest month of the year, a bit depressing. Especially when I love to be outside in nice weather. Something about being in nature, hiking or walking or whatever, is always refreshing to my soul and spirit.

I was thinking recently of starting some sort of tradition and thinking of all of November as a "Thanksgiving month". Now, everybody gives thanks on Thanksgiving Day, we all know that. But, I was thinking it would be interesting to think of gratitude and giving thanks throughout the entire month. We can thank God for all we've been blessed with. Even if things are hard for you, I know if you think of your past, you can think of a long list of things to be thankful for.

Besides just feeling grateful, we can also think of small ways we can give to God and to others as well, with our time, talents, and possessions. I thought of giving some books and things I never use to charity, or volunteering one day for a winter coat drive, or making cookies for a friend or neighbor. There's so many ways to bless others. And as we bless others, we can give thanks for all the blessings we've received.

Happy Thanksgiving Month!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I was working one of my three jobs last night as several coworkers came in to set up all the Christmas merchandise and decorations. It's November 8!! It was just Halloween! Wow, Christmas comes earlier every year. One customer said to me last night "I like Christmas, but I don't like the holiday season."

There is some truth in that. I like Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. And I like that the Christmas season lasts over a month. I like decorating, making Christmas cookies, spending time with family, sending Christmas cards, etc.

What I don't like is what the world does to the holiday season. They make Christmas stressful, materialistic, and selfish. There's Santas and reindeers and snowflakes, and it's increasingly difficult to find the Christian symbols. The ads and malls and everywhere you go tell you to buy more, spend more, get the best and most expensive gifts, or else it just won't be a good Christmas for you or your family. Well, I still think I would have a really good Christmas, even if I didn't go shopping at all the entire month or if I didn't get any gifts.

The reason for Christmas is about Jesus Christ, to celebrate and remember his birth. He was born into this world as a human, born in a barn, because there wasn't room for him or his family in the town or inns. Now, the world still doesn't seem to want to make much room for him or his family, do they?