Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Spring- Maybe?

Did you know Easter fell this year on one of the earliest days it will ever fall? It has to do with the moon phases. Only 19 Easters will be in March before 2100 AD. Most denominations go by this calendar, but the Eastern Orthodox church celebrates Easter after the Passover, so it's not until the end of April. Which is why my good friends will be celebrating Easter in Romania- at the end of April!

It snowed on Easter, and it's snowing today... Ah it's "spring" in Minnesota! I have witnessed robins, squirrels, and birds in recent weeks, though, so there is hope. I've also seen some plants peeping out of the ground- so soon I hope we will see daffodils, tulips, and crocuses! And crab-apple blossoms on trees. If anyone has ever been to Washington, D.C., during the Cherry Blossom Festival, it's really amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of trees with pink blossoms line the rivers and the lakes. It's really beautiful.

Despite the snow/sleet/winter storm today, I do have the hope of spring. I am always happily surprised when tulips and other bulbs I plant in the fall actually do grow into flowers in the spring after a very long, cold, snowy winter. I enjoy the season changes, and am glad we have them. Even if the winter sometimes seems too long, we know spring always does come along. Everything looks new and fresh, grass turns green, flowers bloom.

As I continue to think and plan for the future, I'm reminded everything does have a season (Ecclesiastes). There's times of rest and sadness and winter, times of joy and mountaintop experiences, and times of peace, hope, and love. And it's good, because I think we can really appreciate every day and every moment, knowing things always change, but it's ok.

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