Monday, March 31, 2008

The Long Long Search

I have been searching for a job, using my writing and editing skills, for a very long time. Sometimes it seems like forever. Its so hard to be trying so hard for so long to find something you love to do, and it seems like you go nowhere fast. Well I have some very good prospects now. I've been applying to many places, and I'm really hoping one of these will work out.

It's good for me to be patient, to work at a job that isn't very challenging for me. I think its helped me to appreciate and understand what other people's perspective's are, why different people enjoy different types of work, how different personalites work together. And it also will help me to appreciate even more when one of these positions I apply for do work out.

It will all be good, and for now I just am grateful that I have a job (or 3!) and so many other blessings. God is working things out, even when I don't know what will happen next!

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