Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Ventures...

I began my new job a few weeks ago, and am enjoying it. I'm learning a lot and using my writing skills and my education, so that's awesome. It's so nice to be challenged and stretched, and to learn something new each day. It will take more time before I'm comfortable with everything, but that's ok. I think I'm in a good place, and I'll continue to learn more.

I've also been wanting to write more, and try to get more things published. So I decided I'm going to try to write a couple nights a week or something like that. It's so nice to have more evenings free now. For the past several months, I've worked several nights a week, besides the "day" job. Now, I am beginning to realize I actually have some free time! Wow!

So I'm filling my time still- time flies. I am just getting more rest now, more time for some of my house projects, to write and read, to have fun and see friends, etc. I'm so thankful to have time to do things like that!

I think spring is officially on its way, despite the snow yesterday. I've seen tulips blooming, robins around, buds on trees. So soon it will get even warmer and sunnier I hope!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Long Search... Comes to an End!

I have recently accepted a full-time position with benefits at a great company, and it involves writing and editing for the web. I'm excited for this great opportunity. It's the type of position I've been hoping to find for a long time.

I appreciate it even more because I have persevered for many months in my job search, continuing to search for a position that would be the right fit for my talents and skills. I've also worked long hours at 3 jobs, looking forward to when I could work less, have more time to hang out at home, go out and have fun, etc. It was all worth it, as I have found a very interesting position. I'm so excited that I'll be working in a department where I already know many of my coworkers, and I think it will be fun. I begin in a couple weeks, and I'm just so excited and thankful to have benefits, a simplified schedule, an interesting group of people to work with, and a job I really think I'll enjoy.

It's amazing what can happen... I just kept the faith in God that everything would work out. All things are possible with God!

May God continue to bless each of you. Enjoy the beautiful spring!