Thursday, September 18, 2008

And It's Almost Time to Go...

Well, I have about a hundred things on my to-do list and my to-pack list, but I'm nearly ready to go to Greece. Visit Athens, Santorini, etc. Ah, it will be fun! I just have the feeling I'll forget something important and remember it when I'm crossing the Atlantic... I am so excited to go, and am just hoping everything goes well, and that my friend and I have good health and energy the entire time. It will be a great international experience. I may update this while I'm gone, if I find internet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Planning A Trip

Planning a trip to travel to Greece can be complicated, lots of details, lots of stuff to do. Like making decisions on hotels, cities to visit, historical sites, forms of transportation, etc. But I like to plan and work out all the details. A few of the many details have involved:
  • Get the hotel reservations
  • Plan the itinerary
  • Book the bus tours on mainland Greece, Work with travel agent on details
  • Collect contact information on hotels and cities
  • Get schedules and prices for flights, ferries, and trains
  • Read about motorscooters and hope they're safe
  • Check out Greece weather forecasts
  • Search for a great, reasonable hotel in Paris in a great location with less than a months' notice
  • Studying a few very easy Greek words (I haven't gotten many more than "souvlaki" down very well!)
  • Study Greek culture and history and find random facts online

It's fun to work out all the details! My friend is busy packing, and I'm hoping she'll give me some ideas on how to best pack everything I need for a European trip in a backpack, including all my books, my journals, my music, my phone, my computer.... Ok, I'm really not bringing everything I own with- really!

So off I go soon, and I hope to keep this updated on all my adventures in Greece. I'll take lots of photos, which I probably won't post until after I get back. I am excited to experience the culture and history of Greece. And I'm looking forward to spending a few days in Paris, and hopefully refresh my French!

See you all when I return from my travels!