Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Entertaining Pets- And More!

The Life of a Homeowner

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you do so much, you feel like you accomplished something, but you just wish you had a couple more days to the weekend to do some more? Or at least wish one of the days was several hours longer? That's how I feel today. I worked my second job for about 10 hours this weekend, I thoroughly cleaned my house, I walked my dog for about an hour each day, I cleaned out some of my garden beds, I raked some and mowed my backyard, I went out and dressed up for Halloween night, and I turned the clock back an hour last night for daylight savings time. Thank goodness for the extra hour- I needed that extra sleep on Saturday night.

So now I got all that stuff done, which is great, but I think I am now in the get ready for winter/clean out all my closets and drawers/get the yard ready for winter mode. It seems like the evenings fly by during the week and I wonder where all those hours go sometimes... Well I can always have another productive weekend next week!

My Loyal Companion and Dog
My dog Thai is funny. I took him on a walk on Saturday, on a beautiful fall afternoon. I was going to walk maybe 2 miles. Well I started to turn back at the "usual" spot, and Thai wanted to keep walking. He pulled the leash and turned the other direction. Now, I'm pretty strong, and have handled my 90 lb dog for 4 years now. But he looked so excited about walking, I gave in and off we went. So, instead of my 2 mile walk, we took a scenic route and walked about 4.5 miles! We were both tired when we got home, but we did have fun. Thai took a nap. I cleaned house. Later, I relaxed for a bit with a book.

My Cat's Meow and Habits
I sometimes think I wish I could take my cat Maggie with me on our walks. She's a tiger/tabby cat, very pretty. I think she thinks she's in charge, or royalty. During the day, she can often be found sleeping on my bed, curled up and completely satisfied. Or eating her food out of the dish in the kitchen.

When I'm home, and the weather is nice, she sits in front of the kitchen back door, looking up at the handle and hoping I'll open the door for her. She stretches for the handle, meowing and looking at me pleadingly. She likes to go outside, roll around on the patio, and sneak out of the one space in the side fence she can fit through. She heads over to the neighbor's bushes. She will completely ignore me when I go look for here, too, and she does blend in quite well with the bushes. From this vantage point she can observe the neighborhood, the birds up in the tree, and if she's lucky, she'll see a squirrel, rabit, or chipmunk. She doesn't usually catch anything, but she likes to try.

Today, my neighbor was out in her yard with her little dog, who is probably about my cat's size. Well, the dog began barking at my cat and trying to pull on his leash to get to her. My cat's eyes got very large, she hissed, her ears went back, and she began stealthily moving towards the little dog. I wondered if she really would try jumping at the dog... Instead of finding out, I stepped in front of her, told her to go home, and she ran back to the gate.

Now- both the cat and dog are taking a nap, looking content and restful... Perhaps I should take a few minutes to relax and watch a movie!

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