Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Read, To Write and To Learn Something New

I've been thinking I should use my time this winter, when it's freezing or snowing outside and I don't want to go anywhere, to work on accomplishing the things on the list below.

So, stay warm, have a hot cocoa, grab a blanket, and maybe you'll come up with some of your own winter-time ideas as you read mine!
  • Learn something new (to be determined what this will be- there's so many options!)
  • To read more (fiction, spiritual, travel writing)
  • To write more (creative writing, memoirs, etc.)
  • To learn French and then Spanish
  • To work on some house projects- organizing and so forth
  • To make better use of the awesome employee gym I go to
So my plan is to take a class somewhere, maybe an art class or something like this. Also, I'll begin to read a few of the books on my shelf that have been on the "to-read" list for far too long, and also begin using the library more.

Also, I'm going to try to write more in my free time, some creative writing, memoirs, etc. I have lots of ideas going around in my head, and I really need to start writing down the stories or I'll forget. I also am going to get back into doing more freelance writing.

Next, I want to learn French and Spanish. Oui, je parle francais un peu. But I want to learn more French so I can become fluent someday. I have CDs to brush up on my French. I think this will also help me learn Spanish easier. Of course, I know many basic Spanish phrases, but I want to learn more.

Also, I have my never-ending list of house projects- organizing and so forth- that I'll continue to work on on the weekends. It's always a nice feeling of accomplishment when I check something off of the list, though!

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