Monday, May 11, 2009

A busy spring

I just realized I haven't posted on here in ages... So let me sum up this spring... I'm still enjoying my job and am so glad to have the opportunity to write for a living...

I'm still dreaming of my next travels, which may include Romania and Sweden in the near future... Well Missouri may be the next place actually! I was reminscing with my brother about past road trips to Montana to visit our family, and now I want to go there again, maybe go to Glacier Park. But I would need to find someone to talk into going with me if I do that. Road trips just are meant to do with friends, making stops along the way at random rest areas and little towns with little cafes, eating junk food, watching the miles, checking out the scenery. I still remember stopping at a rest area in the Badlands in North Dakota once and seeing a few bison (buffal0) wandering on one side of the parking lot- so you never know what you'll see!

My weekends have been busy hanging out with friends, hitting our favorite places in Rochester. I've met many people from other countries lately, mostly countries in Europe. I always find that fascinating, learning about other cultures and learning some words in other languages.

And I've been working out at the gym a lot lately- or trying to a lot- weight training, some dance classes, etc. It's been fun and I've been able to lose a little weight too! Yay!

And winter in Minnesota is finally over! I love seeing my tulips popping up. I'm planning what flowers I'll get at the greenhouse this year- impatiens and roses and some hanging plants. I'm also planning some major deep cleaning on my house this spring. I am always thinking of goals and stuff I want to accomplish! I'm sure I won't get it all finished this spring and summer but I will sure try!

Hope you are all having a great spring!

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