Monday, August 17, 2009

To Join the Circus

I have a bit of an adventuresome wanderlust spirit in me, along with a love of the arts and performing... I think some interests and talents and things are passed down through ancestors in a way...

Well, one of my ancestors really did run away and join the circus and traveled around the U.S. in his teens and twenties, doing a ventriloquist act. Seriously! I've been involved in theatre for many years and I love performing, but I also love going to traveling performances like festivals and circuses. And I think maybe that's one of those things that I have in common with my ancestor.

I was lucky enough to go to a Cirque du Soleil performance recently. But, in addition to seeing the show, I was part of a group who had a backstage tour, who watched two rehearsals, and who got a taste of the circus life for a day.

And, though I like having a home and staying in one place and am usually pretty sensible... Something about the circus lifestyle and the traveling the world performing for thousands of people appeals to me. I think it would be fascinating to be a part of an international company like that with people from many countries involved in it, and travel around and see new cities. And to get to entertain audiences every night. In addition to that, the people in that company are so talented. It was just an amazing thing to see and to be a part of for a day.

So, though I doubt I will ever run away and join the circus, I can relate to the circus performers and to their love of the circus lifestyle.