Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stories my Dad Told- the April Fool's Day Lunch

My dad would tell stories.  I have so many memories of sitting around the dining room table, with our family and guests, as he would tell stories and entertain everyone. Stories about traveling, hunting, living in Montana, teaching school, visiting or working in hospitals, meeting interesting people, and many more stories about his life. I’d like to share with all of you some of his stories, because stories live on always.

The April Fool’s Day Lunch (as best as I can remember it)

Every morning, my mom would pack my dad’s lunches for work. She usually would pack a sandwich, fresh fruit and some vegetables, in a brown paper lunch bag. Mom always would pack healthy lunches, as my dad had diabetes and other health issues, but occasionally she'd include some hard candy or another treat. One day, about 25 years ago, on April Fool’s Day, Mom decided to play a little joke on Dad when she packed his lunch.

Dad grabbed his lunch bag as usual and brought it to work at the hospital, where he worked. He put the bag in the fridge in the break room until lunchtime. At lunchtime, he found his lunch bag and brought it to the hospital employee cafeteria, where he usually ate.

He opened his small carton of milk. Then, he unrolled and opened the brown paper bag. First, he pulled out the baggie containing his sandwich. Instead of the usual lunch meat sandwich on wheat bread, he held a lunch meat sandwich made with two slices of green bread. Green bread! Mom had seen the bread in the grocery store around St. Patrick’s Day, and she had frozen it until she had used it to make the sandwich that day.

Then Dad reached in the lunch bag and pulled out his apple. It was a plastic apple! Of course, he realized it was April Fool’s Day, and after his initial surprise, he laughed about it. I don’t remember if Mom had a “real” lunch packed in the bag, or if Dad just bought lunch in the cafeteria that day, but the story of my dad’s lunch on April Fool’s Day was remembered and told for many years.

-In memory of my dad, who passed away April 1, 2001


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...
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Unknown said...

Your Dad will always have a special place in my heart!!! He always was so kind and is for sure looking down on you.

Dawn said...

Your Dad was always cheerful and kind. He will be in my heart always!!!