Saturday, January 16, 2016

Go Somewhere New

It’s a new year and a time for me to think of future travels and adventures. And to reflect on some of my past experiences.

Canterbury, England

I’ve been thinking about why I travel, why I love adventures and why I like to write and share about them. Some of the reasons I travel are to:
  •    Learn about other cultures 
  •   Enhance my knowledge about the history of a place
  •  Meet new people, often from other cultures -- this always reminds me we are all human and really more alike than not
  • Try new foods and drinks
  • Get outside my comfort zone to go somewhere or try something new
  • Get ideas for writing and future adventures
  • Expand my thinking and creativity by trying to stay out of the rut of going to the same old places I always go to -- and instead experiencing new adventures, big and small 
  • To see many beautiful landscapes, mountains, hills, oceans and cities throughout the world

I write and share photos about my experiences to process my experiences and to share with others who may not have the opportunity to go to these places, to give them a small taste of what it’s like. And I share about places that I think are interesting to give others ideas to keep in mind for their future adventures too. 

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

 Because going somewhere new is a great way to keep seeing and doing new things, to meet new people, to experience new places, to learn more, and to try new foods and drinks.

An Indian dinner in India
While I don’t always have time to go on many long trips in the course of a year, I often have time for some shorter trips with a couple big trips. Or time to take a weekend road trip to a town nearby. Or a couple hours to go to a new brewery, bookshop, museum, restaurant or café. 

Forager Brewery, Rochester, Minn.

These aren’t all big trips that take months of planning (although I do enjoy those too!). These are short adventures that I can do in my free time and days off. And I hope you’ll be inspired to go to some of these places too and find new places too!

So follow along, because I’ll be going somewhere new regularly this year and writing about it. And I challenge you as well, to go somewhere new.


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Unknown said...

Great article Alison, thank you for your inspiration.